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The Curtis V. Robinson Foundation is an endeavor to honor the life of a young man who was a devoted participant in his community.  Curtis, an Engineer who developed bridges and roads, a Freemason, and an avid sports fan believed that through education children could be afforded experiences that would help them to be positive contributors within our communities by shaping our world to be more progressive and sustainable for the years to come.

The event in which you are planning at The Laisadal Event Center is more than just a special occasion that will serve one purpose.  It is an opportunity to develop a child as they pursue their education and become a positive steward within our society. 


During the Spring we will provide scholarships to students in the Dayton community.  10% of each dollar you spend will afford students within our community financial support for their college expenses.  


Stewardship: supporting the communities in which we serve and the development of our future generations

Accountability:  honoring our commitments, owning, and taking responsibility for the endeavors in which we pursue
Unity:  fostering an environment of inclusivity and tolerance through the partnerships in which we develop

Leadership:  developing realistic pathways to usher our youth into a more progressive and sustainable future

Communication:  maintaining transparency through open and constant exchanges of sharing information about activities within our operations

Membership Benefits

Bronze Member: $5,000.00       

(25% off of 1 event each year)

Silver Member: $10,000.00       

(30% off of 2 events each year)

Gold Member: $15,000.00       

(35% off of 3 events each year)

Platinum Member: $20,000.00   

(40% off of 4 events each year)

Lifetime Member*: $25,000.00   

(45% off of 5 events each year)   

* Lifetime members will receive an invitation to participate on the review committee for scholarships.

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